SUSHIYOSHI ซูชิโยชิ ร้านอาหารญี่ปุ่นสไตล์โอมากาเสะ

Co-Creation OMAKASE



We will tell you…


“Depending on the chef” or
“The chef’s food is provided.”

The novelty of Omakase’s sushi restaurant is that you will be thrilled to guess that each dish that the chef serves, will have something to surprise you. The highlight is that you will eat food made from the freshest and the best ingredients of that season which has been carefully selected and prepared by the selection process from expert chefs.



Nakanoue Hiroki

Master Chef Hiroki Nakanoue and owner of the shop Those who have a taste and create a variety of flavors filled with always new He once said that “He will find the possibilities of new sushi from around the world and continue to develop. A view of his thoughts and dreams in his career. ”Last, his dream came to Bangkok.

The guidelines for “opening a sushi shop abroad” for Chef Hiroki said that ... He knew that within many limitations and from the environment Will affect the food they serve But the chef feels that this is a value that should be tried and replaced. will import all raw materials from Japan I would like to try “Sushi Yoshi” from local ingredients. Components can be served from that area Only I am confident that this will be my own vision. I want to develop. Continue to go by traveling around Japan and abroad Spent two weeks in Japan and another two weeks one country, even though the Michelin star is not everything. But it is very wonderful for me If getting a Michelin star from the store in foreign countries too!

Sushiyoshi’s menu under the Omagase style shop, everything that is served out Ready to make customers strange mind each other in every dish In addition to freshness and taste Important identity is located in the “presentation” that is different with the creation of traditional Edo sushi combined with French and Western recipes all of this is due to the continuing approach and adventure to countries around the world, with an international perspective. according to Chef Hiroki’s style





  • Seat

    Dinner : 18 seats

  • Open

    Tuesday – Sunday

  • Time

    Dinner1 : 17:30 p.m. - 19:45 p.m. / Dinner2 : 20:00 p.m. - 22:15 p.m.

  • Nearest parking

    W Hotel Bangkok (Parking Stamp)

  • Telephone




Located within the W Hotel Bangkok, G floor.
Call +66 0 82 546 4456 (Sushiyoshi Bangkok)


In case, you would like to change or cancel booking.

Please contact + 66 (0) 82 546 4456 directly.

What happens if I am late ?

In order for the quality of the meals to be in the standard of Sushiyoshi, the food will start serving on time. Therefore requesting to come at the time of booking. In the event that the customer who come after the reservation time exceeds 30 minutes, the restaurant reserves the right to refrain from serving food, canceling reservations and not being able to refund in all cases.

(Remark : You can join Omakase sushi course at the height of the menu in which the group is.)

How should I do if I want to change booking ?

In case the customer want to change the booking, the customer can notify the change at least 4 days in advance (96 hours) before the course starts because the chef must order and prepare raw materials in advance to ensure the food quality is in the best standard.

How should I do if I want to cancel booking ?

In case the customer want to cancel the reservation, the customer can notify at least 5 days in advance (120 hours) before the course starts. We will process your full refund within 3 working days.

What happens if I do not notify cancel / change in advance ?

The restaurant has to order and prepare raw materials from abroad in advance. We will refrain 100% of deposit in all cases and apologize for the inconvenience.

What happens if I have a last-minute unexpected (illness, accident, loss of flight) ?

In extreme cases we recommend offering your reservation to friends or relatives who can substitute the reservation. In the case of not finding a substitute table, it would be understood as NO SHOW and 100% of deposit would be charged.

Can I come accompanies by a minor ?

We will able to accept only children older than 10 years old in normal price, they can enjoy the same menu as adults. Due to the complexity of both the route and the menu, we do not have menus adapted for children that meet their needs.

What should I do if I need special requirements ? (allergic, intolerant, do not drink alcohol, do not like some ingredients / need space for stroller)

You can inform us on Sushiyoshi website on special requirement (reservation category).